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The Good Life Travel

Are you tired of cookie-cutter Vacations?

At The Good Life Travel, we want you to get full enjoyment out of your vacation. From “Where should we go?” to “Time to go home already?”, you’ll enjoy a vacation unlike any other!

​When you’re yearning for a perfect vacation getaway, let us take care of the details for a stress-free vacation-planning experience!

Why should I work with a travel consultant?

You want to work with someone who:

  • takes a personal interest in your travel needs
  • makes getting there as easy as being there
  • can make your travel experience better because of the knowledge they have
  • limits unwelcome surprises
  • handles all of the details (because your time is valuable!)
  • makes sure you get what you expect
  • cares that you enjoy your vacation
  • is available to help you even once your vacation has begun

Won’t that cost more?

In short, no. While we do charge a nominal itinerary design fee, our clients have found that they don’t have to pay more to get our premium, personalized service, because we can access industry discounts that aren’t available directly to consumers.